Prophetic Expressions International Dance Institute, Inc. is passionate about developing girls, boys, teens, young and older adults to flow strategically with dance and flag movements that will touch the hidden chambers of one’s soul and spirit. It is also a place where intercessors and worshippers can come without a being a dancer to learn the significance and impact of waving flags in the atmosphere during their personal worship experience.  These trainings are not your typical Dance 101 classes and are not meant to substitute technical training, but rather embrace the desire of one’s heart to “minister” to the Lord with a sweet smelling savor to his nostrils. Classes are designed for smaller groups to encourage freedom in movement without hindrance, judgment, comparison or intimidation.  The only prerequisite to participating in these classes is a sincere heart to glean from God’s throne room to receive His impartation with love.


If you have the        . . . the Holy Spirit is beckoning you to come up hither!

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