Advanced Prophetic Dance & Flag (TBD . . . Based on demand)

Coming soon at new location!

Special Rate  $90

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Foundational or Advanced (TBD based on demand)

Coming soon at new location!

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Foundational or Advanced (TBD based on demand)

Coming soon at new location!

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ALL Virtual Classes $35


Garment Virtual Class:  A basic Biblical understanding and overview of ministering in priestly garments to glorify God.

Intro to Flags Virtual Class:  The use of different flags in your private and corporate worship experience. Intercessors are welcome.

Intermediate Flags Virtual Class:  Incorporating higher level combination movements with multiple flags and streamers.

Advanced Flags Virtual Class: Flowing with various sized flags and streamers from low to high intensity sounds of praise and worship.

Leadership 101 Virtual Class: Essentials for an effective and spirit-filled leader.

Foundational Prophetic Dance & Flags:

Who should register?  Dancers, intercessors, worshippers, and those who merely want a better understanding of this ministry as well as those who want to take their private worship to another dimension. Appropriate for all beginner and intermediate dancers. Prior dance experience is not required.

Explore the biblical meaning of colors and experience flowing with strategic dance movements synchronized by the leading of the Holy Spirit to the Word of God and varying sounds.

Foundational Flags:

Learn what the Bible says about flags [banners and standards]. Learn how to flow with flags to exaltations, prayers, instrumentation and different genres to impact atmospheres conducive for healing, deliverance, breakthroughs, miracles and more.

Advanced Flags:

Who should register?  Experienced dancers and flaggers

Ministers will learn about the “voice of the flag” and how to penetrate multidimensional realms by executing strategic movements of varying forms to all types of melodious shifts and sounds. Get ready to allow the Holy Spirit to orchestrate your flag movements to interpret the heartbeat of God to manifest His glory!

Dr. Darlene Townsend




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